Make any speakers wireless Airplay enabled

If you are a techy like me, you probably have an older iOS or Android device lying around. One of the biggest reasons why I like using iOS devices has to be due to Airplay. It allows me to send any audio from my iPhone/iPad to any speaker in my apartment. I spend a bulk of my day using Spotify and listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Being able to easily send audio to whichever room is a huge convenience.

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I have been trying to come up with a solution that doesn’t require me to purchase a bunch of airport express devices or Bluetooth adapters since many people have unused devices lying around. This does require you to have an iOS device if you are planning on streaming audio from your phone/iPad as it uses Airplay.

This may not be the best solution for everyone, but if you like playing around with technology and gadgets, it will be a fun weekend project.

Here is my current solution, which seems to be working very nicely:

What you will need:

AirFoil (Trial version limited to 10 mins of audio, $25 to buy at )

AirFoil Speakers (Free)

AirFoil Speaker for your phone/tablet (Supports iOS / Beta Android version available) (iOS App Store / Android – Get the beta version here)



Airfoil allows you to stream any audio from your iOS device to your computer, and audio from your iOS device to your PC. I would have preferred to be able to send audio from my iOS device to another old iOS/Android device I had lying around to my sound system. This way I can control everything from my iPhone.

Step 1:

Install Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers on your computer.

Audio from your PC will be sent to the selected device


Step 2:

Install Airfoil Speakers on your Android/iOS device.

Step 3:

Plug in your Android/iOS device to your speakers that you want to use with Airplay and launch Airfoil Speakers on it.

Those are basically the critical steps.

How to use:

On your PC/Mac launch Airfoil and select that device under the menu option  “Transmit To” Example: “Android” and deselect ‘Computer’ This will ensure that the audio is not playing on both, your computer speakers and your remote speakers.

Make sure you are connected to the same network and play audio on your iPhone/iPad etc. Next to the volume icon you will see the airplay option, when you tap this, you will see your computer name showing up as an Airplay device. Select it and your audio will be routed to your computer, which is then routed to your Android/iOS device.

Select audio to route to your computer which, then gets re-routed to your remote speakers

You are done!

You can now control the volume, skip tracks or even send the audio to other devices such as an Airport Express/AppleTV/Another computer with Airfoil Speakers running.



  1. Jens Schmidt says

    Have you tried to disassemble a airport express ?

    I’m trying to figure out what the hardware requirements are for building my own airplay audio-receiver, but I’m kinda hesitant to spend $100 to boy one just to take it apart to dissect it…

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