Get Basis Band App Working on Nexus 4 and Nexus 7

Nexus 4 Basis Band Widget #mybasis

The MyBasis Band B1 has finally released their “android” app. Unfortunately they only seem to allow you to install them on the following Samsung devices:

Samsung Galaxy SIV
Samsung Galaxy SIII
Samsung Galaxy SIII
Samsung Galaxy SII
Samsung Note II
Samsung Note

No support for either my Nexus 4 or Nexus 7.

Despite this, I was finally able to install it on both of my devices. To install it, you can try to get the .apk file from someone who has installed it.

The way I was able to install it, was by installing an app I found on xda-developers called Market-Helper.

Once installed, you can open it up and select “Phone” and “Samsung Galaxy S3″ under device option. Click Activate.

Once this is done, open the play store (you might have to clear the market cache) find the app and install it. I had to install it by going to the google play store on on my laptop at because it would not find it in the app store on the phone. This time it showed I had a compatible device “Samsung GT-I9300″

This installed it on my Nexus 4 and I did the same process to get it on my Nexus 7 and it is now syncing over Bluetooth without any problems.

I assume this should also work for other devices. Drop a comment if you have any questions and if this worked for your device.

Mac tool to Root your Nexus 7

If you have a Mac and want to root your Nexus 7, here is a tool that should be able to do it all.

The first option is pretty much an all in one:

Unlocks the bootloader, installs ClockWorkMod, and installs SuperSU. Just follow the instructions.

I will most likely update the tool with support for the Nexus 4 once I receive my order. This has been tested on Mac OSX Lion 10.8.2 with a stock Nexus 7 with firmware 4.1.2.

You must turn USB debugging mode on. On 4.1.2, you can enable this by going to settings, about tablet and keep tapping the Build Number at the bottom until it says you are a developer. You can then back out to settings and go to developer options and tick the USB debugging option. [Read more...]

Getting a Google Voice Number in Canada

Since Google has recently enabled Google Voice to forward your US phone number assigned to your canadian phone numbers, it has opened up an easier way to allow you get unlimited north america calling.

There are a few caveats to get this running if you are living in Canada like myself. For one thing, you are not able to just signup for a google voice account simply by pointing your web browser to

There are also a few roadblocks to get google voice working perfectly as it would if you lived in the US. Here are a few work around that may help you get at least some functionality out of it. I will outline a few things that it can do and how to do it. [Read more...]

Improving Nexus 7 Usability

Using tablets can sometimes be quite a pain with only a touch screen. Especially when you want to use Linux shell commands/SSH to work on a server when you are not around your computer. I picked up a cheap keyboard case from Amazon which cost me about $8.50 (Just under $14 with taxes and shipping to Canada)

Nexus 7 Keyboard
Nexus 7 With Keyboard

The case is wired, not bluetooth and comes with a regular USB connection which will not plug-in directly into the tablet without a “USB OTG Cable”. [Read more...]

Moving WordPress site to a new domain with low SEO impact

This is a quick and easy method of moving your blog to a new domain with minimal SEO impact with no downtime.

In the case i’m describing, I will be setting up a new install of WordPress and importing the old posts in.


Install WordPress on your new site as per the instructions available on or your hosting provider.

Login to your old site and export all the posts by logging into your WordPress admin panel under tools and export. Select the option ‘All Content’

Now, login to your new WordPress admin panel and select tools and import. Click on ‘WordPress’ and follow the instructions to install the import plugin. Once completed, you can select the file that was generated when you exported your posts earlier. This will pull in all your posts/comments/attachments etc. You will be prompted to select who to assign as the authors of the posts. If they do not exist, you can create a new user for them, or just assign them to yourself. [Read more...]

Make any speakers wireless Airplay enabled

If you are a techy like me, you probably have an older iOS or Android device lying around. One of the biggest reasons why I like using iOS devices has to be due to Airplay. It allows me to send any audio from my iPhone/iPad to any speaker in my apartment. I spend a bulk of my day using Spotify and listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Being able to easily send audio to whichever room is a huge convenience.

Retired Gadgets


I have been trying to come up with a solution that doesn’t require me to purchase a bunch of airport express devices or Bluetooth adapters since many people have unused devices lying around. This does require you to have an iOS device if you are planning on streaming audio from your phone/iPad as it uses Airplay. [Read more...]

What does it cost to blog?

I get a lot of requests for people asking for help on how to start a blog and how much will it cost. This is usually so they can either put up some pictures or they had heard they could make a lot of money by throwing up a few articles.

Starting a blog for the intent of only making money will probably fail. I mainly say this because after a couple of months, if it even makes it that long, it would not generate any kind of significant dollars you may have heard about. The successes out there are usually created out of passion in their niche, and not just creating articles based on high paying keywords.

However, I also don’t think people should be discouraged and should give it a shot. If anything they will learn useful skills working with publishing software and may discover they may even love writing and go off writing about what they love. A hobby that can help pay the bills is pretty satisfying. [Read more...]

Vbulletin 4.15 Spoiler Tags

I have been using vBulletin with a spoilers tag addon which seems to be very popular on my forum. Vbulletin’s latest upgrade with the CKE editor seem to have broken that functionality and the add on was never updated yet.

This is what I have done to get around it for now:

in the BB code manager:



BB Code Tag Name:
sp ( or whatever you want)

Replacement: (from the VSQ template)

[Read more...]

Easy way to redirect to

Useful quick tip for anyone needing to redirect pages. Usually its something I throw into sites to redirect them from to I have run into many issues in the past where the cookie handling in software is limited to either or which is very annoying to the end-user as and are seen as two different sites and can knock you out of being ‘logged in’.

To easily remedy this, you can throw this into your .htaccess file: [Read more...]

Google Plus Invite Give Away

I just received my Google+ invite and will be inviting whoever wants to get in early and explore the features.

Post a comment below and I’ll get one out to you asap. All I ask is to send out a tweet / like this post and once you get your invite, spread it around to others who have not gotten one yet.

At the moment Google is at capacity so once they open it up to invites again I will send them out in order received. [Read more...]